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Americans who visit Tuscany or Umbria love the landscape: the silvery olive groves, the fields of sunflowers, the vineyards, the stone houses and barns.

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When it comes to history, art, culture, food, spectacular wines and amazing cycling tours, Tuscany is one of the most interesting parts of the world. While riding in this unique region of Italy, you will enjoy its incredible natural landscapes with scenic views. Towns, roads, vineyards and olive groves are integrated with the environment so that everything appears designed by the hand of a Renaissance artist. Along each of our road or gravel tours you'll be surrounded by natural and artistic masterpieces scattered through the whole territory. We're here to help you discovering this sophisticated part of Italy, full of uniqueness and unparalleled cycling background.

Tuscany is one of the places where competitive cycling was born. Its country roads, all strictly unpaved in the days of heroic cycling, saw the poorer classes initially use bicycles as a means of transportation, and end up starting epic battles as soon as biking turned into cycling. And it is still a perfect environment for cycling.

But Tuscany offers more: it features an extraordinary tourism backgound. When the concept of tourism was not even imagined, Tuscany already represented for many years one of the most sought-after regions to visit to admire its historical and artistic heritage. This makes hospitality one of the oldest and most developed activities, but always oriented toward quality and personal service. If it looks like the perfect place for a bicycle tour, it is because... it is!

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Highlights from our rides

Because it's not just cycling

Riding up the Etna volcano


Cycling in a Middleage setting
Snuggled within the Tuscan hills, Siena is one of those places where it seems time stopped in the 13th Century. The outskirts of Siena offer a series of wonderful itineraries that, from Piazza del Campo, wind for miles through the curves and bends of the Tuscan hills. It's also the location for the most exciting race in the World Tour calendar: the famous Strade Bianche road race.
the cycle path along Cagliari beach


Close your eyes and set yourself in an old medieval town protected by its walls. Lucca is the perfect location for a cycling holiday, just 30 km from the sea and 30 km from some great climbs, it has more than 50 different routes for all kinds of different cycling levels.

Dante Alighieri

Tuscany is the region of culture and the region of the "supreme poet" Dante Alighieri, or simply Dante in Italy. Where would Dante have placed cyclists in his vision of the afterlife? We think in Purgatory, trudging on a bicycle in search of Paradise!

Medieval hamlets

discover the hidden villages from the Middle age
Tuscany has dozens and dozens of small medieval hamlets located all around its main towns. The best way to discover these small hidden villages is during a bike ride.

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  • When is the best time for cycling?

    Tuscany is a large region and offers diverse conditions for cycling. The cycling season is quite long and runs from the beginning of April to the end of September. October can also be good, but as is the case everywhere, there may be some extra risk of weather variability.

    Weather stability is best between late April and late June and again between late August and late September. The summer months (second half of July and August) are not the best time to tackle the hilly roads of Siena or Chianti, as the temperatures can make cycling uncomfortable: the Tuscan wine region, with its low vegetation, provides little shade for cyclists.

    Traffic is never a critical problem, and we always choose the best and safest roads to reach the must-see places. Bars or restaurants along the way are never a problem: Tuscany is super touristic and services never shut down.

  • What's the best cycling area in the region?

    Tuscany offers a lot. We can say that the areas around Lucca, Siena and Chianti are the first places to visit. The entire region, and these areas in particular, not only offer a large number of options for all levels of difficulty, but also allow you to enjoy one of the best assets of this Italian region: its dirt roads.

    A paradise for cyclists who like to eat dust on a gravel bike, they are also absolutely enjoyable on a road bike and are in fact one of the most famous routes in the World Tour or amateur races: just think of the Strade Bianche for professional road racers or the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti. The most typical roads in Tuscany are hilly, with an endless series of climbs and descents always with similar gradients, around 5-6%.

  • Where can I fly to?

    Traveling to Tuscany is quite easy: Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is one of the most visited art cities in the world, making its airport a landmark, well-connected to many European or international destinations. To check connected destinations and how to reach major destinations from Florence airport, check the airport's website:

    Another excellent option is to fly into Pisa airport. It covers many European destinations even with low fare flights and is very close to our headquarters in Lucca. Check out the airport's website:

  • How are roads?

    Asphalt quality varies from average to excellent. The strong agricultural vocation of this region means that heavy vehicles and tractors use the small roads, putting them under stress. This is not a widespread phenomenon and is not too worrisome. There are many roads that connect small rural towns and farms.

    These are roads that run through some of the most manicured landscapes in the world, where every cypress tree or bush is there to create a breathtaking aesthetic.

    This vast network of winding, slow-moving ancient roads offers many choices for cyclists to enjoy cycling on relatively traffic-free roads.

    But remember that if you want to enjoy the roads where cycling was born, and totally free of traffic, there is an endless number of dirt roads that are also perfect for road riding.

    Our tours are designed to explore the island using the most scenic, safe and fun roads, regardless of the time of year.

Weather and rainfall in Tuscany

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