Biking tours
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History, food, wine &
cycling: what a mix!

Welcome to Sicily

To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

after visiting the island in 1787

Sicily is a special place. In the hearth of the Mediterranean - and in a strategical position - since prehistory Sicily has known several civilizations. Each one has left a layer of culture, architecture, but also food and wine traditions. And a huge social complexity that makes any trip special to us in search of authenticity.

Geography makes Sicily a great environment for us cyclists too, with a huge variety of routes and different cycling conditions. From flat to rolling hills, up to the huge - 3000m high - Etna volcano. And what about the mild Mediterranean weather?

We don't - off course - dislike having a lovely cappuccino or food stop in a small old village on our rides. And Sicily is unbeatable in it: there are so many little villages where enjoying the warm local hospitality and the typical Sicilian slow pace life. And food is top!

We aknowledge that to know Sicily you'll need one life, and maybe it's not even enough.  But selecting the right biking tour, will make you have a good insight of this fantastic land and of the cycling it offers.

Want to go for a fixed base location and ride from there? We arrange unforgettable bike holidays from our base in Letojanni. We're open year round!


Sicily's Baroque Ring - Biking Tour

A cycle tour through the beauties of an island rich in culture, traditions… and great cycling


Up Avola antica

On the roads of Giro in Sicily

A tour for lovers of great cycling, food and wine on the finest selection of Giro d'Italia Sicilian roads

Highlights from our rides

Because it's not just cycling

the narrow streets in Taormina
Discover a Sicilian jewel-town

Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Perched on a cliff, it features Greek and Roman remains and a lovely historical town.
Riding up the Etna volcano
Enjoy an epic ride up to 2000m

Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe

A real must-do for cyclists on the east coast of Sicily. Its impressive profile, visible from very long distance, is an invitation to reach the top.

Arancini and beer, lunch of champions
The Sicilian gourmet street food

Do you fancy some arancini?

Sicily is famous for this fine and tasty street-food. For us cyclists it can be the best quick lunch while on a ride. If you're able to stop eating a second, or a third!

Riding along the Giardini Naxos beach
The most varied cycling area in Sicily

Lovely eastern coastline

Sicily's east coast features fome of the best views in the island, and for sure the most varied cycling, from the up and downs, to medium or super long ups.

Cappuccino at Savoca
A cappuccino you can't refuse

Breakfast with the Godfather

If it's good for Francis Ford Coppola, is good for us too. So let's have a cappuccino break at this pictoresque location from the Godfather movie.

climbing up lovely Savoca
Let's loose the count of corners in the inner roads

The hairpin paradise

Coastline roads are amazing, but we're cyclists and we love riding inland on winding up and downs. We won't be disappointed here around Letojanni!

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